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RAGBRAI Li Registration Starts November 15th

  • November 15, 2023
  • July 15, 2024
  • 11:59 PM
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Hello All HBA Members:

As you all know and have seen RAGBRAI Li or RAGBRAI 51 registration is getting close. It will Start November 15th. Registration will be the same as last year on It will be your same sign on and password if you attended and registered last year. You will notice minor website changes. They are to make it a little easier than last year. One change is it will ask you for a password when you type in the team's name. The password Hawkeye8946.

New this year with the ride Li are some other changes you will need to know. The RAGBRAI fee has gone up to $225. It will increase on February 29th to $250 and April 15th to $275. So, register early. 

RAGBRAI did raise their fees this year. This is to go help ride through towns this year. In talking with the ride through towns the biggest complaint is the amount it costs to have RAGBRAI come through there town. Example would be the biggest expense and the one that first incur is the KYBOs. The towns have to get registered with a supplier, then give them the money right up front. Many towns do not have those types of funds. The other one is clean up. So, it is really nice to see RAGBRAI help these communities. The raise that directly goes to them is $10. It is charged to the bike club and then we pay it to RAGBRAI. The other fee is the higher $25 fee they charge directly. Again, this to offset the costs incurred by RAGBRAI. 

Also, this year something that is new!! 

We have set up so you can pay your HBA fee with your credit or bank card. You may still pay with a check. Send it to me as before if you like. However, many of you asked to be able to pay with your credit or bank cards. You may now do so if you would like. 

They are also allowing Legacy teams to purchase customized jerseys. The jersey will be the Li jersey with Hawkeye Bicycle printed down the side piping of the jersey. It should look very nice. The Board has decided to have this set up. If you would like to order one (do not know the price yet) you will order it from Primal this year. If you purchase one through the RAGBRAI site it will not be customized. Those will be sent directly to your home.  The 2024 RAGBRAI tags will come to the club again this year. I will try to get them out to you early.


You will order the Custom jerseys directly from Primal, and pay Primal for these jerseys. They will come directly to your home this year. More to come on the design and how to do it.

You will also order any other cycling pants, t-shirts, etc. from RAGBRAI that you would like while purchasing your tags. This merchandise will be sent to your home address via shipping. 

There will be some changes to the RAGBRAI Announcement Party on Saturday January 27th, 2024. Hopefully RAGBAI will be broadcasting the event normally this year. An on-air feed like usual. However, they are working on that for the outlying communities like us. So, I will know a lot more and get back to you on it in the following weeks as we plan for our RAGBRAI Announcement Party. Hopefully it will again be here this year.  

On Nov 8th I will be setting up the website for all of us to register on I will let you know of any further changes before you sign up on the 15th. 

Until then,

Mark Sillman

Ragbrai Director 

Hawkeye Bicycle Association