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October 16, 2019 8:56 PM | Dennis Carpenter (Administrator)

I just wanted to touch base on the recent events with RAGBRAI. It is a very sad development I am sure you have all seen on TV and been reading about concerning the announcement by the Des Moines Register that TJ Juskiewicz and his entire RAGBRAI crew have left RAGBRAI. In the announcement they said TJ started a new bike ride called Iowa's Bike Ride. They gave some of the information about the ride in the article and also why TJ and his crew decided to leave RAGBRAI. The Register stated there will be a RAGBRAI for 2020.

At this point and time HBA is going to step back and see what develops. I feel we need a lot more information and to let things shake out and cool down before jumping to conclusions or making any rash decisions at this time.

I am not going to set up our website to start taking applications on Nov 15th like normal. We have plenty of time to see how things will shake out and get joined up. I will keep you updated as we move forward as to developments going forward.

Many of us have ridden RAGBRAI for many years and this is devastating news. RAGBRAI is very deep in tradition. 2023 will be the 50th year for RAGBRAI. We have heard some of what TJ and his crew are upset about. However this in my opinion is probably the straw that broke the camels back unfortunately. So patience is the best order of the day at this point. As we get more information and can start putting things together I will get them out as quickly as possible.

Until we know more thank you for your patience. Have a Great Week!!

Mark Sillman

RAGBRAI Director Hawkeye Bicycle Association

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