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Clubs, teams and groups are role models for those participating in RAGBRAI®.

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Application Process

The HBA group will apply as a group by the deadline. First, you apply to the HBA group and the group applies to RAGBRAI.

The deadline for groups 1-114 remains March 1.) However, if you choose to submit your group’s application manually (paper applications), the deadline for submission is February 15. All groups that miss that deadline will be in jeopardy of missing the lottery.

In order to be considered in the lottery as a group, the members of a group must register as a group, and appoint one person to be the GROUP CONTACT. That person is accepting responsibility for sending one payment to cover all costs of the group, taking delivery of the group's Participant Packet in early June, distributing the participants' credentials and jerseys, and registering vehicles.

Only one entry is allowed per person. Team members who do not apply through the Group Contact and apply directly to RAGBRAI will not be considered as a part of your team. If any person attempts to apply through both your team and directly to RAGBRAI, everyone on each application will be rejected.

For road safety reasons, RAGBRAI is limited to 8,500 week-long riders and 1,500 day riders. Entries can exceed the number of riders allowed, so a random computer lottery takes place after all of the entries are entered in the computer. All checks and credit cards will be processed and if your entry is not drawn, we will issue a full refund. Just because your check is cashed or your credit card is processed, does not mean you were selected.

RAGBRAI has been able to accept 95% of entries received prior to the deadline over the past five years. The odds of getting in the lottery are very high, but certainly not 100%.

No Extra Private Vehicles

If a member obtains wristbands through your team, he or she is not to bring a vehicle under any circumstance. Vehicle passes may only be applied for through your Group Contact.


Fees are nonrefundable after May 15. A $25 processing fee per applicant is deducted for refunds prior to May 15. RAGBRAI is not responsible for delayed, lost, or misplaced application forms and materials.


While we do not encourage you to privately re-sell wristbands, we understand that sometimes emergencies require last minute changes. If your team does re-sell wristbands, an online transfer document and waiver must be completed and received in the RAGBRAI office before the ride begins for that wristband to be “official.” If the transfer has not taken place officially, your club can be held liable.

If your team has a charter service, it is your responsibility to make sure that no one is accepted for the charter without the necessary wristband. Wristbands cannot be sold or advertised part of a charter package.

Please discourage anyone from participating in RAGBRAI without a wristband. One-day wristbands are available by the application until June 1. After that date, wristbands will only be available on the ride at RAGBRAI’s baggage truck and RAGBRAI’s Information and Merchandise trailer in the main campground.

Safety and Rider Conduct

It is important to promote and practice RIDE RIGHT® within your group and in your community. Please encourage members to get in shape for RAGBRAI, wear helmets, sound off, and practice the rules of the road that are a part of the Participant Guide. The guide is emailed electronically on May 1 and then also enclosed with the wristband package sent to the Group Contact in early June.

Teams are responsible for the conduct of all members and minors included in the group. An adult must accompany minors who are part of a charter/club.

Teams are responsible for the behavior of their members in all phases of the ride -conduct on the road, in pass-through towns, and in campgrounds. Remember that we are guests of each Iowa community. No one should be issued a wristband if you are not positive he or she will demonstrate exemplary and safe riding habits and behavior.

The RIDE RIGHT safety video will be shown on Saturday, July 21. Encourage your members to view it. The video is available upon request for your bus trip by emailing

Ride hours are from 6:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. Teams are asked to take responsibility for making sure that their riders are in the overnight towns by 6:00 p.m. Support services are generally not available before or after these hours or if the bicycle route is not followed.

Support Drivers

Drivers are requested to check in at the Information Center in each overnight town. The Information Center cannot help members of the club locate the camping location if the volunteers at the Information Center are not informed.

If you commit to a location by mail, when you arrive, stay there. We know that you want to find the most desirable spot to camp but switching spots just because the shade might be better somewhere else, challenges the already stressed campground volunteers.

Support vehicles are not to be in the pass-through towns with the exception of the daily designated Meeting Town listed on the route map. The Iowa State Patrol or local law enforcement may confiscate your vehicle pass if this rule is not followed.

Housing & Private Campgrounds

The Chamber, City Hall, and Housing and Campground Chairs in these host towns have plenty to do to get ready prior to May 1. If you are requesting housing or camping outside of the main campgrounds, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT TOWNS PRIOR TO MAY 1.

If your team makes contact to request housing or other camping prior to May 1, your team entry may be jeopardy. Remember, Chairs are volunteers and rudeness towards them will not be tolerated.


Please be thoughtful of overnight communities when hanging signage for your camping area. Please do not use self-adhesive signs, and do not use signs that are orange or green. These are the colors of the RAGBRAI route arrows. Use caution when hoisting a club flag near overhead electrical wires. DO NOT PAINT on the roadways or streets.


A number of campers use sun-heated portable showers. According to state law (Section 455B.186), it is illegal to dispose of wastewater into any state-owned natural or artificial lake. Additionally, you are requested to dispose of this water through appropriate sewage access. Please do not dump portable showers on the ground.

RAGBRAI Trademark Usage

“RAGBRAI®,” “Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa™” and “RIDE RIGHT®” are registered trademarks of The Des Moines Register. No one can use them for any purpose without written permission. Legal action will be taken against any individual or group/club violating trademark laws, such as printing t-shirts or club jerseys containing these marks or symbols.



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