Group Ride Guidelines

September 16, 2018 9:16 PM | Dennis Carpenter (Administrator)

Guidelines for HBA Rides

All HBA-organized rides are open to members and non-members.

The ride schedule will be listed and also at HBA Ride Calendar (Google Calendars)

HBA is not responsible for last minute changes in the schedule

In the event the ride leader wants to cancel his/her ride, the ride leader must do so from the start of the ride location unless prior arrangements have been made.

On the days listed as T B A / T B D / Riders Choice, rides will start at the noted time at Greene Square Park. If you wish to be a ride leader on any of these days, please call Mark Dimke 775-0487 or email Mark.

Riders are expected to wear helmets at all times. Also, riders are expected to wear a jersey, shirt, tank top or some sort of torso covering, while on an official HBA ride.

Rides starting in Jones Park, Bever Park and Ellis Park will meet in the swimming pool parking lots.

Leisure Rides (Slow Rides). These rides are to welcome newer riders to the sport of cycling. These rides are designed for those who want to go a slower pace or ride shorter distances than the usual club rides. These rides will provide the newer rider an opportunity to ride with a group. Families are encouraged to ride, but parents must judge the suitability of the route for their children. Leisure rides will generally be scheduled on weekends. The pace of this ride is expected to be 10 mph or less, with the entire group staying together throughout the ride. These rides will have a ride leader and the usual HBA rules will apply to this ride. Leisure rides may be scheduled on the same days as other rides.

Saturday Rides are a little quicker and longer than the leisure rides. The ride leader stays at the rear of the group. The riders often re-group throughout the ride.

Sunday Rides tend to be the quickest and longest rides. All level of riders are encouraged to join the ride. There will be regrouping throughout the ride, to ensure no one will be left behind.

Complaints and suggestions from riders are to be forwarded to the Touring Director Mark Dimke and will be handled by the HBA Board, if necessary.

All laws and regulations set forth by the State of Iowa will be obeyed.

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